Vincent Cluzet
Manager/Wine Buyer

Newcomer to the Los Angeles restaurant scene but not the restaurant business, Vincent Cluzet is Cote Est "French touch", arriving from Paris in 2012 where he spent a few years working in some of the best and trendiest places of "La Ville des Lumieres.” He has been working in the restaurant industry for over 15 years alongside chefs like Francois Chavance at Les Petits Indecises and Jean-Francois Oyon at Le Ciel de Paris. He also worked for the Bertrand Group at the Libre Sens Restaurant on the Champs Elysees where he had his first experience as a dining room manager. 

Often called a Globetrotter, Vincent started his career  as a bartender at Barney's Cocktail Bar in London in 2000 and also worked in cities like Montreal or Edinburgh. He was most taken by South Africa and the unique city of Cape Town where, while waiting tables at the award winning restaurant, Jardine, he found himself exploring deeper the world of wine. After touring the world through his work or just for leisure, he finally decided to settle and start a family in Los Angeles with wife Agatha. He was hired by Claudio and Adria Blotta in 2013 to lead Barbrix. He spent 5 successful years in Silverlake before heading East and become Cote Est ‘Manager in June 2018.